What Did I learn in 2019?

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

2019 left me thaughts, tears, reflections, and hope. Here is a brief summary of my challenging year in Calgary:

The oil and gas recession remained year-round.
There were any layoffs in oil companies, cautious entrepreneurs preferred to postpone their launches and a tense calm settled in the air, waiting with hope for a better new year.
But hey, the good news? the new year starts just in seconds!

Our Beloved dog Archie

My family and I learned about pain. Our beloved Archie tragically passed away. Together with sadness, we learned about love, and we learned that life can change in a moment. We are sad, but we are stronger, and we are more united than before.

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Hope is the word! It is just about to start a new year of possibilities, and as I always have, I am positive that each one of us will be able to start over, keep going, dream, persevere, and achieve goals and success!

Happy New Year 2020!

Ilse Barrios

Winter & Maple

Cuatro años atrás me mudé con mi familia a Calgary, Canadá. Este es mi espacio, donde escribo sobre mi vida, mi adaptación a este lindo país, y un montón de recomendaciones sobre lo que me ha salido bien y lo que no, para que agarres datos.


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