Some months ago, DS and I travelled to Muscat, Oman, to meet with hubby. We had never been there, so we were ecstatic!

And we had reasons to be! From the hotel, Grand Millenium Muscat to the Wadis (wadis are natural depressions filled with rainwater), Oman delighted us with many gorgeous places and the kindest people.

Visiting a wadi is one of the tourist’s favourite things to do in Oman. We went to Wadi Shab, not even two hours from Muscat.

You need to hike for forty minutes and swim at least in two pools to get to the cave. Ds and Carmelo swam until the beginning of the cave, wanting to dive through to reach the waterfall, but they didn’t. «Next time», said Carmelo.

A couple of considerations if you are going to enjoy the wadis:

  • Wadi’s depth varies from one square to another, so plan accordingly.
  • Carmelo’s bit of advice? Wear fins!
  • My advice: please, please, please, wear water shoes. I was barefoot, and I slipped in the most horrendous and painfully way. I am sure that some tourists must be still showing his friends the video of my fall. Maybe I even went viral on YouTube hahaha!

Muscat is such a charming city! It is clean, with beautiful landscapes, big rocky mountains, surrounded by the Arabian Sea. I hope I can visit it again!

Souk (market) inside the Muscat Grand Mall
Loved the vibrant colours, hence the photo.
This store in Grand Muscat Mall has delicious pastries, nuts, and essences.

Am I wearing AGAIN my «mi casa es su casa» t-shirt? Oh yes! I really enjoy wearing my favourite cloths!

Ok I just went inside this store just because. I mean, look at it!
With the fantastic Chef of Bahriyat Restaurant
With our omani friend Yacoob

These are my recommendations when traveling to Oman:

  • Check what the temperature will be. Usually warm, Oman can reach 45 C on the shadow, so cotton clothes will be your friends.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Dress conservatively.
  • Take a light cardigan with you everywhere. Since it is hot outside, AC temperatures in indoor places, are low.

Let me know your comments!