My three professional resolutions for 2020

After having lived for three years in Canada, many reflections come to mind. Trial and error have been exactly that, and I continue with faith and perseverance betting on the future I want for my family and for me.

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These are my three resolutions for this new year:

1- Finishing my last year’s errands. «What? Didn’t you accomplish everything you set out to do?» well … nup. Here are some:

 – I am very close to finishing my agenda for immigrants, and that will have me busy this first quarter with great enthusiasm.

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The renewal of my website. There are some changes in sight, (Hello, blog in Spanish) that I hope to attend to you in this first quarter of the year.

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2- Define my job role:
In the past I’ve enjoyed working as an employee for several reasons: stability, security, belonging, working in teams.
However, I have also worked as a freelancer, and recently I realized that I want to continue doing so.

For that, I must focus my strategy through analysis, alliances, and an extraordinary business plan that I have already carried out.

Parallel to this, I like the idea of ​​applying for a simple job, maybe part-time. That would allow me to have some money to pay bills while I focus on the big plan.

3- Invest in my education:
Courses, face-to-face classes, certifications. To understand, survive and succeed in the digital world, one must know the language and implications that surround us. It’s not about doing it all alone, but about understanding the process to handle it.

What about you? Do you already have your resolutions for 2020?

I would love to hear it!

Ilse Barrios

Winter & Maple

Cuatro años atrás me mudé con mi familia a Calgary, Canadá. Este es mi espacio, donde escribo sobre mi vida, mi adaptación a este lindo país, y un montón de recomendaciones sobre lo que me ha salido bien y lo que no, para que agarres datos.


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