When you leave your country, you also leave behind the immense comfort provided by your everyday routine.

We had some concerns when we arrived:

How to enrol our children in school?

What documents do I need?

Public or Private School?

Religious or Secular School? Homeschool?

In the beginning, what we wanted was a School with a good reputation and near to our house, if it happened to be a Catholic School, better yet.

We listened to our friends’ opinion, took in mind how close schools were to our house, and the reputation they had. Regarding that last one, I used a specialized page called The Fraser Institute.

The school that we chose seemed to us an excellent option, but when we went to request enrolment, they informed us that they were at full capacity.

However, the visit was useful, because they informed us that the initial step was to register with the local Board of Education.

After registration in the Board of Education, we decided to go to the Calgary Catholic School District, also known as Separate School.

The reason? Since we are Catholics, we would try that our next option, even if it was not so close, was a Catholic School.

In both institutions, our children had tests. One to verify their level of the English language in case they needed reinforcement. The other, analysis of knowledge, in case their age did not coincide with their grade according to Canadian rules.

For the documents needed for registration, we gave them our Canadian identification and transcripts from previous school. 

Schools are zoned. Enrolment in the school of preference is subject to being in the area of residence or workplace of at least one of the parents. In case there is no availability (our case), the child will go to the next school corresponding to their area.

I must say, all the time we were doing these diligences I felt vulnerable. I think it was because of having to rely on a new system.

However, they treated us wonderfully in every place we were, and everything went well in the end!

Let me know your questions!