Today, Father’s Day is celebrated here in Canada, as well as in many other countries, including my native country, Venezuela.

Being away from my dad and from my husband make this day a little gray, but as always, I have the habit of seeing the positive side of situations.

In this case, I dissipated a little my melancholy counting the blessings that distance can not cut.

I wrote a short Thanks to God list on Father’s Day.

I want to share that it doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, but I choose to highlight the best.

My «Thanks to God for my dad list» because:

  • He is alive to his more than 90 years and has had a beautiful life surrounded by love and respect.
  • Although Alzheimer took away his memory, his «harvest» prevails. And his harvest is people around him that love him and take care of him, up close and in the distance.
  • I have endless teachings and memories that make me feel the luckiest daughter in the world.

And for my husband, who can not be with us because he is working in another country. Instead of being sad, I thank God because:

  • We had the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day a month ago when we came here, and we appreciated every moment that we spend together the four of us, or the five if we include Archie!
  • I tell you more about it here: Roadtrip From Calgary to Vancouver.
  • He is far because of our family decision; it is part of the strategy that works for us at this moment.
  • We have faith that at the right time, he will be with us again, living as a family.

I could continue with these lists indefinitely, thank God for that too!

Isabella couldn’t join us for this photo, or could she?!

All of that, in addition to being a window to my situation, I hope it serves as inspiration for other people who can not celebrate.

I know many do not have the happiness of having a father, and they may think that this list does not apply to them, but I would like to leave my words of accompaniment and my wish that, despite everything, you can find in your heart reasons to give Thank you.

And I say it with base. Mother’s day touches me hard. Not only did I lose my biological mother when I was only five years old, but I also lost my loved stepmother. 

And in spite of the pain, I chose gratitude for the feelings and teaching they left on me.

I sincerely hope that you will also find reason to give thanks on a day like today, and always.