Choosing Canada Over Other Countries

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When my family and I moved to Canada, many people asked us why we chose Canada and not the United States or a European country.

We did an easy exercise to evaluate our possibilities in some other countries outside our homeland, and the initial question we asked ourselves was:

Where is the immigration process easier?

Because of our dual nationality, we could easily emigrate to Europe.

We evaluated Italy, Spain, and England, and we discarded other countries for issues such as language, lack of knowledge, and generalized opinions.

Many Countries, One Choice

We took Italy and Spain out of our options because we got scared by the unemployment rate.

We discarded England for one small detail: Hello Brexit!

(Additionally, expat friends had told us a lot about the high cost of living there).

Then, we went on to evaluate other highly-priced options: Australia, the United States, and Canada.

We dismissed Australia because of the distance from our relatives and overall, our lack of knowledge of the country. Those were the only factors against, but they weighed a lot.

For the United States, the process involved a lot of investment with the risk of being rejected.

On the other hand, Canada had an immigration program for qualified professionals, which we thought was ideal.

Nevertheless, although Canada offered us this advantage, the United States attracted us because we had lived there. So we focused on those two, and we moved on to the following question:

Where are better employment opportunities?

It seemed to us that in Canada since by obtaining the green card we could enter the labor market.

On the other hand, in the United States the options closest to us were not as skilled workers but as investors, and we had no experience in that regard.

In the end, we decided to focus our efforts on applying to the Canadian immigration program. 

If you want, go to see my comparison list, Canada or the United States?

Leave me your comments below!

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