Both are first world countries, chosen by millions of people trying to establish and achieve a better quality of life.

Now, how do I see it? Here is my comparison:

Weather: In the US is more bearable, not as cold, while in Canada, it must be experienced to define whether you adapt and enjoy it, or if by the contrary, it is a point of no negotiation.

Unemployment Rate: In the US, unemployment in 2018 was 3.9%.

Additionally, despite the turmoil on the political issue, the street comments are that the economy is reviving.

In Canada, officially, the unemployment rate for 2018 was 5.6%, but in practice, the comments are that at least has been four years of a great labor recession.

Cost of Living: In the US, roughly, it seems that homes, cars, food, clothing, are cheaper.

For example, you can get a comfortable and well located 2,500 sq ft house in Kathy, Texas, at USD 300,000. In Canada, a convenient, well-located 2,500 sq ft home in Calgary, Alberta can cost CAD 800,000.

Safety: In the US, terrorist attacks have been numerous in recent years, while Canada it is perceived as a safer society.

Taxes, it seems they are perceived equally in both countries.

Health Care: In the US, without medical insurance, you are going broke in 3… 2… 1. In Canada, Health care is free with the exception of medicines, dental and ophthalmological care.

Multiculturality: In the US, sadly, immigrants face racism and obstacles. Canada has immigration and help policies for immigrants and refugees.

Mobile Plans (I know, weird, but necessary): In the US you can find unlimited data in almost all mobile plans. In Canada, mobile and data plans are expensive, and there is no unlimited data yet.

What do you think?, what else should be included in this comparison?