There are many off leash parks in the city, but DS doesn’t like the partially fenced ones, even though we have one close to our home. (He thinks Archie will get lost.)

I’ve read of some fully fenced parks such the Sue Higgins and the Bowmont Park, and have been wanting to take Archie there for a while, but life got in the middle more than once.

Finally, yesterday DS and I went for the first time to the Sue Higgins Park, the largest fenced off-leash park in Calgary!

Don’t I look handsome?

We loved it from the very first moment! It is a vast, I mean, humongous park and the atmosphere is great! Dogs and their humans go everywhere in the park fearless of bothering other dogs (ahem, humans) because there is plenty of space for everybody.

And if you are an off-leash park beginner, there is a training ring big enough for your dog to feel free although you stay the whole time there.

The training ring has lots of trees and some picnic tables, enough for some families to spend time with their pets without the stress of having them go away.

Did I mention that there is a dog food truck in the parking lot? It looks super cute!

We’ll go back soon, for sure!