When my husband and I decided to come to Canada, we thought that once we got settled, it would be relatively easy for us to get good jobs.

But the process was different, and I found out that we were not the only ones, it was «almost always» part of the adaptation.

We started with the wrong foot! We did the driving test three times, three times!

What else?

We applied for jobs, and we didn’t get them, we rented a house because the school for our son was nearby, and when we went to register him, it was at capacity!

My husband got mad. In my case, I am an inveterate optimist and was still in my «honeymoon» phase with Calgary. Despite everything, I chose to look for the positive side.

For example, discovering the beauty of the city.

I loved the autumnal landscape, the charming Stephen Avenue, the beautiful libraries, the kind Albertans!

In a way, I was convinced that things would be fixed, however, it was the little things that started to give me the creeps:

3 Steps to Have a Better Experience as Newcomers

  • Adjust your budget: we made specific cuts. Not going out (even to food courts) as often, not going to the spa to do my nails, choosing generic brands. It was a challenge.
  • When we chose a mobile phone plan, as newcomers, we had to leave a security deposit with the credit card. Although it did not affect us, it hit us in the ego, in feeling strange, as in another galaxy.
  • It was exasperating comparing prices for cable TV services, Internet, international calling plans, food, gas, etc.

I can’t say that everything is solved, but things have been evolving, and learning has been satisfactory!

In the following link, I will tell you in detail what I found harder to learn, and how I have handled it: Adapting to Canada