Bow River

If you want to know Calgary, walking it is a perfect way to do it.

One of my favourite hobbies is walking through the city while watching its people on their regular routines. 

And although I enjoy it at any time of the year, I must say that the summer in Calgary is full of fresh air, light, and excitement!

Who knew you could go for a walk in Calgary without wearing at least a cardigan?

I went with Isabella to walk on Memorial Drive, by the Bow River. It is a beautiful walk; people go jogging, walking their dogs, biking, and others, like us, take pictures with the city in the background.

I loved taking photos that day. I had just cut my hair, and I was wearing some of my favourite clothes: my «my house is your house» t-shirt by H & M, and my pink satin skirt, from one of my favourite thrift stores.

Calgary is clean, and its people are friendly. I knew that from the first moment I arrived here!

There are many ways to know this city. Here is a link to help you out.

Thanks, Calgary, you are delightful!