5 Tips for Immigrants to Get Hired in Canada

When an immigrant arrives in their new country of residence, along with their dreams, they also have a file of documents that certify their education.

Then, upon arriving in Canada, they realize that this is not enough.

These are the reasons:

  • Skilled competition: Canadians and foreigners have qualifications and skills. It is rare that a newcomer has to fill a vacancy that local talent hasn’t been able to fulfill.
  • Employers in Canada prefer candidates with CANADIAN EXPERIENCE and CANADIAN EDUCATION.

Then, How do I start Looking for a Job?

1- You need to know the techniques and style used in Canada in terms of the preparation of a resume, cover letter, and readiness.

Here you will find a free guide to help you.

2- Go to one of the immigrant assistance centres specialized in settling. I live in Calgary, Alberta, and from here I recommend CRIEC, Immigrant Services Calgary, and Directions for Immigrants

3- Take advantage of the courses sponsored by the Government for incorporation into the labor market. Also for the study of the certifications that can help you depending on your education.

Here in Calgary, these are my two favourite organizations where you can go: Alberta Human Services and Bow Valley College. 

4- Volunteering: volunteering is part of the Canadian culture, and will provide you with valuable Canadian references to mention in your resume.

5Networking: I saved the best for last. Networking is the creation of a system of professional contacts through social media, referrals, and events, and perhaps your best ally during your job search.

Tell me your thoughts!

Ilse Barrios

Winter & Maple

Cuatro años atrás me mudé con mi familia a Calgary, Canadá. Este es mi espacio, donde escribo sobre mi vida, mi adaptación a este lindo país, y un montón de recomendaciones sobre lo que me ha salido bien y lo que no, para que agarres datos.


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