Three Beautiful Towns in Southern Italy

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Photo by Diego with his super drone!

After leaving Rome, Carmelo and I went to Pellare, to meet with dear relatives and friends.

Pellare, Moio Della Civitella and Vallo Della Lucania

Pellare is a beautiful tiny city in Salerno’s province. It is so small that it’s usually found in searches under Moio Della Civitella, another small town located just beside it. To get there, you have to pass by Vallo Della Lucania, which is the biggest town among them.

The beauty of these towns is their simplicity, nature, and overall, its people. And moreover, once you are in Pellare, Moio, or Vallo, you are ready to entertain yourself there.

These are my favourite things to do in Pellare, Moio Della Civitella, and Vallo Della Lucania:

  • Walking by their streets, appreciating old architecture and getting inspired by the moment
  • Getting some drinks at the local bars while trying to understand what the locals are saying
  • Having some pizza, pasta, antipasto, and different types of cheeses at the local restaurants
  • Going to the beach. Ascea and Casalvelino beaches are just half an hour from Pellare
  • Hiking in the mountains

Visit Italy during its Festivities!

Italy has a major catholic community. Each town has its own saint festivities and they are something unforgettable! If you have the chance to travel when those towns are having one, you’ll not regret it. Busier, yes, but the atmosphere is fantastic!

On the one hand, they go to the saint procession with faith, thankfulness and respect. They walk with the priest and all followers around the town and attend the mass. That’s the official saint day.

And on the other, from one week before the official day, everybody is on the streets until late at night, walking, sharing, eating and drinking! There are fairs on the streets, lights, music, and a lot of local and international tourists.

Bonus Tip

Festivities Dates

Pellare: San Bartolomeo, August 25th

Moio Della Civitella: Santa Veneranda, July 26th

Vallo Della Lucania: From July 26th to July 30th

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Do you have questions about what you read today? Write them down in comments!

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