Rome in One Day

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I have visited Italy five times, and no matter what cities I visit on every travel, I always end up amazed about the magnificence of the boot country.

This time I travelled for only twelve days, so I knew I had to squeeze every day to get the most of it while meeting with relatives and friends that live there.

We started in Rome!

I met with Carmelo at the airport because he was coming from Oman, and he had arranged with the manager of a charming hotel to pick us up.

However, what we did instead, it was sending our luggage with him, and we started our day 1 in Italy by ourselves with so far no signs of jet lag!

One Day in Rome, What to Do?

First, leave your luggage, refresh yourselves, (we skipped it this time, but we’ve had done it in the past, and it helps a lot to recover from a long travel), and go out!

Go, go, go, before the fatigue reaches you! Now, where?

We took the train to Roma Termini, the central railway station in Rome, to be ready to go anywhere from there.

The good thing about being in Roma Termini is that is, well, central! Roman Coliseum, Fontana Di Trevi, Piazza Spagna, and many more cultural attractions are not so far from there; just around two kilometres by walk!

We started walking and enjoying the city. Then two blocks ahead, we found Bici & Baci, and we rented a scooter! That eased our day!

Bici & Baci Superb Manager!

We drove to the Colosseum and what can I say? No matter how many times you visit it, your jaw will drop again and again.

Then we continued to Fontana Di Trevi. There we throw in the respective coin backward to the fountain so as the legend says we can come back to Italy.

Heads up: if you drive in Rome, be aware of the many one-way streets. Otherwise you’ll spend more time than the planned going around street up, down, right, left. But again, you are in Rome, so no biggie.

Fontana Di Trevi

Enjoying Rome and its 3,000 years of culture can be overwhelming IF you allow it. So you have only one day to be there? Get the most out of it visiting what you always have wanted to visit.

In our case we wanted to revisit those places I mentioned before, and it was exactly the magic day we wanted.

Carmelo trying to see if we were on track

As soon as we parked the scooter and started walking to Saint Peter’s Square, a suddenly rain started to pour and obligated us (yey!) to go into a beautiful restaurant just besides us.

Did I mention that we had already savoured a fiordilatte ice cream just an hour before entering to the Bistrot? Upps…

After having dinner at Ago E Lillo we continued our walking to Saint Peter’s Square, and I must say, we got exhausted! We contemplated it, walk it, and called it a day.

We returned the scooter and called our host, Roberto, who not only is the manager of the Bed & Breakfast we stayed in, but also a reliable driver that will pick you up and drive you wherever you want.

We spent the night at Suite Room Fiumicino, a charming bed & breakfast carefully attended by Roberto, close to the airport.

The next morning we devoured the buffet breakfast and said arrivederci to Rome. (But we’ll come back, wasn’t the coin at the Fontana Di Trevi that for?)

And that was our one day tour in Rome. If you want to learn about a great itinerary in Italy Southern, you can’t miss my other posts Amalfi Coast in One Day, and Three Beautiful Towns in Southern Italy.

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